Feedback on BEopt Multi-Family Proposed Features

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BEopt developer
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We have posted the video recording and presentation from our recent webinar on proposed features for multi-family buildings. The expected release of BEopt with these enhanced multi-family capabilities is July 2015.

If you have additional feedback or questions specific to our proposed multi-family implementation, please provide that here.

Scott Horowitz
Residential Buildings Group
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

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What a great webinar! I am sorry I couldn't attend during it delivery, and ask questions, but I will be posting my review here in the coming days (or weeks...depending on my schedule).

I hope to collaborate further on this soon, as you know my firm has been using BEopt for MF work for over a year now. Wonderful to see the mockups!


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Please consider adding central heating/boiler system capability to assist in modeling multifamily buildings. Many of the buildings in public housing portfolios use central heating so trying to come up with a workaround for each unit will compromise the otherwise excellent modeling capabilities for multifamily.

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