Here are some of the features included in BEopt. You can click on the thumbnail images for larger screenshots.

See the Features document for a high-level description of new features in the latest release.

BEopt Geometry Input Screen Building Geometry: Rapid drawing of level-by-level floor plans, automatically converted to full 3D geometry. Can accommodate multiple units for multi-family buildings.


BEopt Option Input Screen Efficiency Measures: Easy selection of measures for envelope constructions, equipment, appliances, occupancy, etc. Measures are tailored for new construction and retrofit applications. Interface allows analyzing specified building designs or optimizing across a range of possible measures.


BEopt Library Manager Screen Library Manager: Custom measures and costs can be defined for use across analyses.


BEopt Site Input Screen Site Details: User-specified location, utility rates, and economic properties. BEopt performs full life-cycle costing.


BEopt Output Screen Output: Large sets of information for every building simulation, including financial calculations, end use breakouts, efficiency measure descriptions, and costs. Navigatable by the user.


DView Screen Detailed Output: Visualization of detailed hourly output for any user-selected building design. Variables include energy use broken out by end use, space by space details, weather data, etc. Various graph types are available.


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