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BEopt Help
   What is BEopt?
   Path to Zero Net Energy
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      Building America
      California Metrics
   Application Type
   Building Type
      Cases without Output
      Cases with Output
      Cases vs Designs
   Option Data
      Building Group
         Orientation Category
         Neighbors Category
      Walls Group
         Wood Stud Category
         Double Wood Stud Category
         CMU Category
         SIP Category
         ICF Category
         Other Category
         Wall Sheathing Category
         Exterior Finish Category
         Interzonal Walls Category
      Ceilings/Roofs Group
         Unfinished Attic Category
         Finished Roof Category
         Roof Material Category
         Radiant Barrier Category
      Foundation/Floors Group
         Slab Category
         Finished Basement Category
         Unfinished Basement Category
         Crawlspace Category
         Pier & Beam Category
         Interzonal Floor Category
         Carpet Category
      Thermal Mass Group
         Floor Mass Category
         Exterior Wall Mass Category
         Partition Wall Mass Category
         Ceiling Mass Category
      Windows & Doors Group
         Window Areas Category
         Windows Category
         Interior Shading Category
         Door Area Category
         Doors Category
         Eaves Category
         Overhangs Category
      Airflow Group
         Air Leakage Category
         Mechanical Ventilation Category
         Natural Ventilation Category
      Space Conditioning Group
         Central Air Conditioner Category
         Room Air Conditioner Category
         Furnace Category
         Boiler Category
         Electric Baseboard Category
         Air Source Heat Pump Category
         Mini-Split Heat Pump Category
         Ground Source Heat Pump Category
         Ducts Category
         Ceiling Fan Category
         Dehumidifier Category
      Space Conditioning Schedules Group
         Cooling Set Point Category
         Heating Set Point Category
         Humidity Set Point Category
      Water Heating Group
         Water Heater Category
         Distribution Category
         Solar Water Heating Category
         Solar Water Heating Azimuth Category
         Solar Water Heating Tilt Category
      Lighting Group
         Lighting Category
      Appliances & Fixtures Group
         Refrigerator Category
         Cooking Range Category
         Dishwasher Category
         Clothes Washer Category
         Clothes Dryer Category
         Hot Water Fixtures Category
      Appliances & Fixtures Schedules Group
         Refrigerator Schedule Category
         Cooking Range Schedule Category
         Dishwasher Schedule Category
         Clothes Washer Schedule Category
         Clothes Dryer Schedule Category
         Hot Water Fixtures Schedule Category
      Miscellaneous Group
         Plug Loads Category
         Extra Refrigerator Category
         Freezer Category
         Pool Heater Category
         Pool Pump Category
         Hot Tub/Spa Heater Category
         Hot Tub/Spa Pump Category
         Well Pump Category
         Gas Fireplace Category
         Gas Grill Category
         Gas Lighting Category
      Miscellaneous Schedules Group
         Plug Loads Schedule Category
         Extra Refrigerator Schedule Category
         Freezer Schedule Category
         Pool Heater Schedule Category
         Pool Pump Schedule Category
         Hot Tub/Spa Heater Schedule Category
         Hot Tub/Spa Pump Schedule Category
         Well Pump Schedule Category
         Gas Fireplace Schedule Category
         Gas Grill Schedule Category
         Gas Lighting Schedule Category
      Power Generation Group
         PV System Category
         PV Azimuth Category
         PV Tilt Category
   Geometry Input Screen
      Drawing Area
         Space Types
         Building Characteristics
      Rendering Area
         Errors Pane
      General Inputs
      Multifamily Inputs
      Preview (video)
   Options Input Screen
      Design Tabs
      Groups and Categories
      Option Summary Matrix
      Available Options
      HVAC Sizing
      Retrofit Inputs
   Site Input Screen
         EPW Location
         Natural Gas Hookup (New Construction)
         Project Analysis Period
         Inflation Rate
         Discount Rate (Real)
         Efficiency Material Cost Multiplier
         Efficiency Labor Cost Multiplier
         PV Material Cost Multiplier
         PV Labor Cost Multiplier
         Down Payment (New Construction)
         Mortgage Interest Rate (New Construction)
         Mortgage Period (New Construction)
         Payment Type (Retrofit)
         Cash Payment (Retrofit)
         Loan Interest Rate (Retrofit)
         Loan Period (Retrofit)
         Marginal Income Tax Rate, Federal
         Marginal Income Tax Rate, State
         PV Incentives
         Efficiency Incentives (Whole-Building)
         Demand Response Signals
      California Metrics
         Net-to-Gross Ratio (California Metrics)
         Program Cost (Present Value) (California Metrics)
         CA Climate Zone Utility (California Metrics)
         CA Climate Zone Region (California Metrics)
      Utility Rates
         Electric Utility Rates
         Non-Electric Utility Rates
         Utility Rate Wizard
         Fuel Escalation (Real)
         Centrally Metered (Multifamily)
         Net Metering
         Feed-in Tariff
         PV Monthly Grid Connection Fee
         Source/Site Ratio
         Carbon Factor
      Project Info
   Analysis Modes
      Design Mode
      Parametric Mode
      Optimization Mode
      1st Selected Option (Parametric/Optimization Modes)
      User Designs (Design Mode)
      B10 Benchmark (New Construction)
      Existing (w/ Min Replace) (Retrofit)
   Library Management
      Option Manager
      Option Editor
      Schedule Wizard
      Version Migration
         Option Migration Screen
Running BEopt
   Run Dialog
   BEopt Error Log
   Cost/Energy Graph
      Y-Axis Metrics
         Energy Related Costs, Annualized
         Energy Related Costs, Net Present Value
         Energy Related Costs, Life Cycle Cost
         Payback, Simple
         Payback, Modified
         Modified Internal Rate of Return
         Levelized Cost of Energy, Source
         Participant Cost Test (PCT) (California Utility Cost Tests)
         Ratepayer Impact Measure (RIM) Test (California Utility Cost Tests)
         Total Resource Cost (TRC) Test (Calfornia Utility Cost Tests)
         Program Administrator Cost (PAC) Test (California Utility Cost Tests)
      X-Axis Metrics
         (Adjusted) Source Energy Savings
         Source Energy Consumption
         Site Energy Savings
         Site Energy Consumption
         CO2e Savings
         CO2e Emissions
         TDV Energy Savings (California Utility Cost Tests)
         TDV Energy Consumption (California Utility Cost Tests)
      Cash Flows
   End Use Graph
   Options Graph
   Point Selection
      Single Point
      Two Point
      Multiple Point
      Detailed Report
   Hourly Results - DView
Batch Simulations
   BEopt XML Files
   Generating 3D Geometry
   Simulation Input Files
   Running Simulations
   BEopt Output Files