Update Canada weather files to CWEC 2016

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The existing .epw weather files for Canada in BEopt are CWEC files based on data up to 1995, and are out of date. Updated "CWEC 2016" files have recently become freely available through:

These files were generated based on up to 30 years of data ending in 2014. In some locations this results in very different conditions. Is it possible to update at least the existing Canadian locations in BEopt to the new weather files? Each zip file contains a .epw and a .ddy file.


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Hi Brandon,

We point to the EPW files from the EnergyPlus website. If you can convince the EnergyPlus team to update their files (or add the new files), then we can point to them for BEopt.

As you may know, you can always download an EPW file outside of BEopt and simply place it in BEopt's weather directory. (If BEopt is already open, you'll have to close/reopen it for it to recognize the new file.)


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Ok I'll contact Energy Plus. Didn't realize I could just do it manually. Thanks.

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