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Hello Support, I have ended up with some duplicate system options for windows, with (2) in the names. They have different costs and I am not sure which is current. I am guessing this resulted from upgrading BEopt to 2.7, with migration, on computers with different earlier versions of BEopt, and then sharing files, i.e. creating files on one computer to run on others. I can see why it would keep both around - you might want backward compatibility in some sense. In this case I would like use the latest info.

For example, for the Low E, triple, insulated, Air, L-gain, is the current cost $57.35/sf or $47.48/sf? The lower cost has ended up with the (2) label on the computer I'm using now. Did the costs for windows come down across the board?

If there is a simple way to understand the behavior when a file is opened on a different computer, that would help. (I have many cases to run and am crowd-sourcing.) Can you confirm that it aims to the integrity of the file as set up, by creating these duplicates, rather than shifting the sands underneath if it encounters system options on the 2nd computer that don't match?

It seems that there might need to be more of a framework for version control of the system options in the measures database. Not suggesting you revive the whole separate cost manager that used to be, it was really confusing. Perhaps a global setting for the version of the system options, e.g, 2014, 2016 ?

Attaching example file and measures database.

19 GW 14h25m.BEopt9.24 MB
Measures.sqlite16.46 MB
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Hello sir. As far as I know, the costs are all fed into by the RSMeans database, which is updated annually (as I recall). I would suspect that the newest download would contained the RSMeans data from the time the DL (or updated, in this case) occurred. You can find more information about RSMeans here: https://www.rsmeans.com/

Hope this was insightful in some way.

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The only think I can think of to do at this point to sort myself out is to uninstall BEopt 2.7 and reinstall it without migrating the database (I think that's allowed), and then re-create my all my custom options.

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