Support for missing values?

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I am investigating using DView to view time-series of air-pollution and meteorological data. Great software!
Is there any way to represent missing values?
An "empty" values (ie , ,) results in the remainder of the time-series being "shuffled" forward in time to cover the missing values, breaking the temporal consistency with other series. I would consider this a bug.
An invalid value (eg X, NaN) results in a zero. This is a problem for variables for which zero is a valid value (eg temperature), and it also corrupts the daily averages.
Setting to -999 and then manually setting the minimum range results in near-vertical lines (down the the bottom of the panel) and is not very elegant.

Any suggestions? The preferred functionality would be to simply have a break in the line when there is missing data.

Best regards, dave r.

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Hi Dave,

I have forwarded your request to the DView project:


Scott Horowitz
Residential Buildings Group
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

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