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I am running an existing home case with four designs in addition to the existing basecase design. When I generate the hourly output, there are 12 files and 12 associated sets of output data that are created. I compared the energy use in each of the ##Table.csv files and none matches the annual energy output values in BEopt exactly for any of the designs. Can you describe what each of these 12 runs are?

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It can admittedly be confusing when requesting hourly output for Retrofit mode. This is because BEopt handles changes to the building over time (e.g., an old refrigerator being replaced by the federal minimum standard in year 12), and thus there are hourly output results for each of these differing building simulations. The results shown in BEopt time-average across these multiple simulations.

When you select DView hourly output results from the Run Dialog, BEopt automatically shows you the hourly output results for each of these simulations. When DView opens, you should see information in the headers that say, e.g., "My Design (Analysis Years 1 - 7)", "My Design (Analysis Years 8-14)", and so on.

Alternatively, if you don't select the checkbox on the Run Dialog, run the simulations, and then request hourly output from the output screen for your design(s) of interest, BEopt will ask you which year of the analysis period you are interested in. Most typically, you'll be interested in the results for the last year of the analysis period.

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