IECC 2015 Energy Rating Index (ERI) Capability

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Rod Stucker
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Supposedly, the latest 2015 IECC has an optional ERI that can be provided by the HERS software.

The voluntary ERI compliance path for the 2015 IECC gives builders the option of complying with the code by meeting a target Energy Rating Index score. This is a numerical score where 100 equates to the levels prescribed in the 2006 IECC and 0 is equivalent to a net-zero-energy home.

One example of this score is RESNET’s Home Energy Rating System (HERS) rating, a tool already being used to rate one-third of all new homes.

In addition to meeting the ERI target for a home’s climate zone, under the ERI compliance path a builder must also meet minimum envelope requirements not less than the 2009 IECC levels.

Rather than using additional software or paying for a HERS rating, why couldn't BeOPT be programmed to provide a similar rating system with a comparable numerical score in order to save time and money?

Such a home ERI would allow for consumers to compare energy efficiency when purchasing a new home, thus continually driving demand for construction of more energy efficient homes through a competitive environment. Refer to attachment for local efforts to get Idaho Contractors and the State Legislature to support IECC 2015 and voluntary provision of ERIs.

Idaho IECC 2012-2015 vs. 2009 Comparison.pdf1.42 MB
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Good suggestion. We are actively discussing similar ideas/possibilities.


Scott Horowitz
Residential Buildings Group
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Rod Stucker
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Scott, did your group include an energy index in BEopt 2.3? I haven't found an index after doing a search?

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I see where I can check ERI on the "Run" dialogue box, but I don't see the ERI score in the resultant Data report... I'll keep looking. Anyone else know where the ERI Score data output resides?

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